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A Report on Public Expenditure Tracking in Health, Water and Sanitaion Sectors in Kibaale and Hoima Districts 2015

 ACTADE REFERENCE CENTRE: Books, Articles and Reports
  1. Pro poor development publications
  2. 1995 Constitution of Uganda
  3. The chronic Poverty Report 2004 – 05, Chronic Poverty Research Centre, University of Manchester UK
  4.  The Chronic Poverty in Uganda: The Policy challenges 2005, Chronic Poverty Research Centre, UK and  DRT Kampala Uganda 
  5.  Trade Secrets, Uganda, Uganda Export Promotion Board
  6. Poverty eradication action plan (PEAP) 2004/5 – 2007/8, government of Uganda December 2005
  7. Lome IV CONVENTION – as revised, signed in Mauritius on 4 November 1995 (ended in 2005) 
  8. Where are the poor? Mapping Patterns of Well- being in Uganda (1992 & 1999) 2003 – 2004, UBOS, Uganda
  9. Did external Barriers cause the marginalization of sub Saharan Africa in World Trade? The World Bank discussion paper No.348, 1996
  10. Uganda: Growing Out of Poverty, 1993, The  World Bank
  11. Uganda:  The Challenge of Growth and Poverty Reduction, 1996, The World Bank.
  12. Animal Farm, George Orwell – political hypocricy, Tyranny over own kind.
  13. The Prince by Machiavelli
  14. In search of a new development Path for Uganda. CSO input into 2003/4 PEAP Revision Process. 
  15. Uganda: Population , Reproduction Heath and Development Government of Uganda November 2001 
  16. Uganda: Housing and Population Census 2002, Uganda Bereau of Statistics 2004 

Paper Presentations

  1. Second round effects of the global financial crisis
  2. Paper on high prices impact PS in Uganda


  1. Public Expenditure Tracking Report on Eduction sector in Kibaale and Hoima District 2015
  2. Public Expenditure Tracking Report on Health and Sanitation in Hoima and Kibaale District 2015.
  4. District Citizens' Bulletin Issue 1 2015
  5. Pro-Poor Development and Poverty Reduction in Uganda and the Idea of Social Market Economy November 2011
  6. Dialogue on the causes and effects of fuel crisis on the business sector in Uganda June 2011
  7. Report-CSBAG pre budget dialogue April 2011
  8. ACTADE Annual report 2011
  10. World Bank: Economic growth in the 1990s: Learning from a decade of Reform’ 2004. 

Articles And Magazines

  2. CSBAG views on the National budget priorities 2012
  3. ACTADE Guide, Oct - Dec issue 16
  4. Fact Sheet History of Trade Liberalization in Uganda
  5. Fact Sheet The WTO agreement on Agriculture & Its Impact on Uganda
  6. Fact Sheet WTO  History Its Role and Challenge for LDCs.pdf
  7. ACTADE Guide, Feb issue
  8. ACTADE Guide, March issue
  9. CSOs Position on Uganda National Trade Policy
  10. ACTADE Position on  Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP) Process
  11. ACTADE analysis of the WTO Negotiation Processes
  12. Uganda : Impact of Trade Liberalization Background Study – Dr. Bakunda
  13. View of ACTADE on the Causes of Under development in Uganda
  14. CSO Operating Environment in Uganda
  15. Contents of a good National Trade Policy. Presentation to the CSOs Trade Working group ,Uganda by Elly R.Twineyo
  16. Competitiveness and Poverty Reduction. Presentation to Makerere University International Masters in Economic Management Programme
  17. Economic Governance and Development in Uganda Presentation to Mukono Development Students Association
  18. Impact of Trade Liberalization Background Study( Summary). Presentation to Consent / DENIVA CUTS seminar
  19. EPA Impact Study by  Trade Centre, for Uganda government 2004
  20. EPAS: Sectoral and analytical studies on Key issues under the EPAS for Uganda, EU-UPTOP and Government of Uganda
  21. “What makes markets Tick?” Local Services Delivery in Uganda, Dr H. Birungi et al, UNDP July 1999, Vol 8   in the series on the impact of participation in local Governance summary case studies on Decentralised Governance. 
  22. Impact of Globalisation on the lives of the poor in East Africa. A  Deniva Occassional paper No .6 
  23. Uganda: Trade Liberation and its impact on poverty. Country Background people (final Report), DENIVA  July 2005
  24. Democratizing   EPA Negotiation: Challenges for Enhancing the role of Non state Actors.  ACODE Policy Research series No 7 2003
  25. Back ground to Uganda National Trade Policy (Final Report) Government of Uganda. June 2005
  26. Competition and Consumer Protection scenario in Uganda No. 313 CUTS and Consumer Education Trust (CONSENT)
  27. The Courier ACP- EU: Development Policy. Country Report Uganda Sept. - Oct. 1993.
  28. Industrial Review: The Industry and commercial magazine vol.7 No August- Sept. 2002, Kampala, Uganda.
  29. Pastoralism in Uganda: People, Environment and Livestock; Challenges for PEAP. CSO Pastoral Taskforce, Uganda, Uganda Natural NGO Forum
  30. Rio + 10 News, Uganda Coalition for sustainable Development.  Vol.5 Issue1 Jan- June 2005, 
  31. Gender Budget Initiatives. Experience of Countries in Eastern Africa-Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Burundi 2003, FOWDDE.
  32. Uganda: Review of Industrial and Trade Performance, Vienna 2005 by UNIDO and Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry- Uganda.
  33. The Forester- Special Issue on Plantations of Uganda, issue No.6 November, 2003, National Forest Authority.
  34. Uganda National Trade Policy Formulation: Discussion on the process of formulating a National Trade Policy for Uganda, CSOs Trade working Group, prepared by Elly R. Twineyo of ACTADE August 2005.
  35. The Challenges and opportunities for Regional Integration, DENIVA October 2004. 
  36. Assessing the applicability of National trade Policies at Local government level: The case study of Kabarole, Bundibugyo, Kasese and Kamwenge. Uganda, DENIVA September 2004.
  37. A contextual Analysis of trading environment in Uganda.  A Policy Briefing paper, DENIVA August 2004.
  38. WTO Negotiations on Geographical Indications: A case for non discriminations on products of interests to developing countries. ACODE Policy Briefing Paper No. 1 2003
  39. Status of EPA Negotiations, ESA and the challenges of Effective Negotiations ACODE Policy Briefing paper No3 2004.
  40. The Domestic Relations Bill; Social Justice and Sound Economics, UWONET Policy Briefing Paper on the DRB No.1 2004.
  41. DENIVA News Bulletin (Various issues)
  42. Women’s minimum demands to political parties & organizations, UWONET September 2004
  43. The Domestic Relations Bill (DRB) and Poverty Eradication plan (PEAP): Exploring the Link: UWONET: June 2004
  44. Participatory Seed Security Study in Uganda: Surrent Status, Sssues and Challenges, November 2003
  45. Uganda Private Sector Development Programme.  Towards a National Strategy for the Informal, Macro and Small Scale Sector: An Assessment Report, August 1996 (Project ug/95/002)
  46. Uganda’s access to the European Union Agricultural Market; Challenges and Opportunities: ACODE Policy Research Series No.6, 2003
  47. A report of people’s views on the review of the constitution of Uganda generated during the sensitization programme: Uganda Gender Resource Centre 2002-2003.
  48. A long way to go: Civil society Perspectives on the progress and challenges of attaining the Millennium Development Goals  in Uganda; Uganda national NGO Forum, May 2005
  49. The Uganda National NGO Forum: Harnessing Civil Society’s Collective Potential, annual report 2004. 
  50. Uganda : Trade Secrets, the Export Answer Book for Small and Medium- sized Exporters
  51. EAC: Background Paper to Civil Society Participation within EAC June 2003
  52. EAC: Progress far: Challenges and the way forward, Hon W.T.Kahwa, Arusha Tanzania 2005
  53. Women and Men in the Budget. Kabale District Gender Budgeting – FOWODE 2002/3
  54. Gender Budgeting issues in the context of Globalization; Does it Make Economic Sense? East African Gender Budget Conference (Summary report of proceedings) Nov.2003
  55. Tanzania; National trade Policy, Government of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, February 2003
  56. Uganda: Country Report (1998) Compiled by Elly R. Twineyo, UEPB
  57. Government Incentives & services to Investment and export Businesses. Analysis of Uganda by Elly R Twineyo 1994


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