Harnessing Women Efforts In Digitizing Agriculture Value Chains For Economic Development

ACTADE  supports local communities to anticipate and build resilience to impacts of climate change ensuring that marginalized groups like women, youths and persons with disability are not excluded. 

The fourth PSF organized based on the observation that there existed numerous isolated efforts towards the digitization (through innovation) of various steps and levels in the Agricultural value chains. The forum focused on galvanizing these efforts, concretizing innovations, and devising sustainable ways for mutual inter-dependence in developing innovative ICT solutions for Agriculture.

The meeting provided an opportunity for those in the policy arena including Women to interact with practitioners to share experiences, lessons and appreciate their individual challenges in order to chart a way forward.

The overarching objective of the fourth PSF was to facilitate dialogue between practitioners in agriculture value chains, digital solutions services providers, innovators and relevant policy makers to pave way for transformative changes.