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Since 2003, the African Centre for Trade and Development (ACTADE) has continued to influence and facilitate the development and promotion of trade, Governance, Civic Education and sustainable development through generating innovative policy ideas and policy alternatives in order to address both short and long term public policy challenges in the ever changing global, regional, national and local contexts. It also engages with other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) at national and district Levels to influence Government decisions, on trade issues, resource mobilization and utilization for equitable and sustainable development.

Some of the Achievements registered so far

Enhancing Citizens Participation in budget accountability work

Citizen Involvement in the budget process is critical to ensuring that services that are due to them are    provided in the right quantities, quality and time. Through the ACTADE Monitors model citizens are   empowered to demand for improved service delivery from the duty bearers. In 2015 alone, a total of     42 accountability and service delivery issues were addressed by duty bearers because of the   citizens’ vigilance. 57 % of these were in the Health Sector, followed by 43% in Education, water   sector and Roads in Bunyoro Region alone.


Linking Local budget advocacy to National budget processes

ACTADE works to increase synergies between CSOs at national and local level for a stronger   collective voice on pro-poor resource allocation and utilization. This has been effective in our regional   budget consultative meetings, the engagements with working group on Trade and Development, These  linkages and partnerships are vital to the Government budget performance monitoring work that   ACTADE does at the Local Government level which started in the Financial Year 2014/15 and is to   continue through to other financial years. In 2017 alone, ACTADE worked with over 20 CSOs on   various budget advocacy processes.


Capacity strengthening in budget analysis and advocacy

To ensure sustainable budget advocacy, ACTADE builds the capacity of its staff and stakeholder    members to effectively analyse and participate in the budget making process in Uganda. Between    2014  and 2015, a total of 40 Monitors, over 140 Local Council Leaders and CSO representatives have   been trained in gender budgeting, budget tracking, the Local Government budget cycle, budget   analysis, rights-based approach to public service delivery and other budget concepts