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Climate Change Action

Although the interface between trade and climate change has emerged from the international policy arena, much is yet to be explored in order to deepen our knowledge about the links between these two issues and the consequences for future sustainable development. Domestically, there continues to be stark divide between the two, with scant policy debates taking place at both national and, worse, at local levels. It is important to explore, understand and document the impact of climate change on the trade related activities in Uganda.


Given the enormous dependence of Uganda’s trade on natural resources, most of which are affected or affect the climate, there is urgent need to draw focus on the two disciplines. Competitiveness policies can play a major role in creating the supply-side capacity that Uganda requires in order to adapt to climate change, build resilience, and connect to the world economy on better terms. To strengthen competitiveness and build supply-side capacity in the context of climate change, Uganda will need to deal with both mitigation and adaptation aspects. Moreover, for Uganda to respond to the urgent adverse effects of climate change, additional financial resources will be required.


In accordance with this programme, ACTADE explores and pinpoints efficient tools to lessen the country’s susceptibility to climate change action and to improve its resilience from a competitiveness and adaptation point of view. It will also discuss the role of climate finance in this context. This will feed into the national trade advocacy agenda that until now has been slow in mainstreaming climate change issues. ACTADE will support Uganda’s adaptation and mitigation ambitions as outlined in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and National Climate Change Policy under this programme.