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Training of Champions of Change (CoC) Facilitators on Climate Change and SRHR Module

Theme: SRHR Awareness raising- Training of CoC Facilitators on Climate Change and SRHR Module.


Date: 19th -20th June 2023 | Time: 08:30am-05:00pm


Venue: Alpha Resort hotel, Lira city


Brief about the training:

ACTADE partnered with Plan International Uganda (PIU) to support the integration of climate implement a 4-year project dubbed “I Decide-My Body My Future MBMF II” in Lango sub region, covering 6 local governments namely; Lira City, Lira, Apac, Kwania, Alebtong and Kole Districts, in 27 sub-counties in total.

Plan International and partners are using the Champions of Change (CoC) for gender-inclusive and responsive SRHR as a peer-based intervention, focused on youth engagement and peer support approaches. ACTADE developed a module on climate change and SRHR, seeking to support the integration of climate change and resilience into the young people’s journey towards becoming champions of change. Through the module, young people will be supported to understand climate change and its linkages to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), in a participatory manner. Whereas partner staff and CoC facilitators have been trained in the delivery of other existing CoC modules, this has not been done for the newly developed module on Climate Change and SRHR

Objectives of the Training 

  • To equip the CoC facilitators with skills of delivering the climate change and SRHR module using the CoC approach.
  • To pre-test the module with CoC facilitators through mock sessions.
  • To generate first-hand feedback on how the module can be further improved to ease delivery for the CoC facilitators.

A Dialogue with Parent Groups on positive norms around inclusive SRHR and Climate Change

Theme: Dialogue with Parent Groups on positive norms around inclusive SRHR and Climate Change.


Date: 21st June 2023 | Time: 08:30-02:00pm


Venue: Alpha Resort hotel, Lira city


About the event!

As part of ensuring that Children, Adolescent and Youth (CAY) in all their diversity live in safe and supportive communities in order to fully enjoy their SRHR, I Decide project through implementing partners has interventions that tackle barriers to having such communities. One of the interventions is having conversations with the community members, who are also the parents of the CAY. These parents are, among other platforms reached through their Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) groups.

Therefore, we’ve organized a 1-day meeting with Project Officers from partner organisations, who are at the forefront of having these conversations with CAY’s parents/caregivers under the VSLA groups, to reflect and agree on a meaningful strategy for engagement on climate change issues.

Objectives of the activity

  • To have a clear understanding of the nature of the parents/caregivers’ VSLA groups under the project area.
  • To develop strategies/guidelines for CBOs to engage CAYs’ parents/caregivers’ VSLA groups under the project on climate change.

Training of the Youth Mentors under the Innovation hubs

Theme: Life Skills training through Innovation and Digital Development Hub 

Date: 22nd June, 2023 |Time: 08:30-05:00pm

Venue: Alpha Resort hotel, Lira city


Brief about the training. 

Innovation Hubs are youth-led, inclusive spaces that have been established under the project for purposes of mobilizing, inspiring, sensitizing and building young people’s life skills, green skills and capacities to create and innovate. Through the Hubs, youth mentors equip their peers with both soft and hard skills through foundational and practical courses on life skills and green skills. Youth under the Hubs are also supported by the project to link with the private and public sector players engaged in green initiatives to inspire and develop their own skills and identify employment opportunities or creatively start own enterprises.

Therefore, we’ve organized a training for the Youth Mentors aimed at strengthening their capacity to facilitate conversations on climate change with the youth at the Innovation Hubs. The training will be delivered using the Climate Change Activity Card, one of the materials developed to support the integration of climate change into the project interventions implemented by other partners.

Objectives of the training 

  • To introduce the concept of climate change to the Youth Mentors, using the Climate Change and SRHR activity card.
  •  To equip the Youth Mentors with skills on delivering the activity card to the youth under their mentorship at the Hubs.