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Our Values

Justice, dignity for all, accountability and transparency


Our Mission

To support communities to influence policy for socio-economic development.

Our Vision

An empowered society promoting good governance and sustainable dev’t


African Center for Trade and Development (ACTADE) was initially established in November 2000 as a technical discussion group for trade related issues. At the time, trade discussions were dominated by International negotiations and international actors, thus the need to have a domestic and indigenous voice. It was established for the purpose of influencing and facilitating the development and promotion of trade and sustainable development through generating innovative policy ideas and policy alternatives in order to address both short and long term public policy challenges in the ever changing global, regional, national and local contexts.


In June 2003 it was registered under the Company’s Act (Cap. 85) as a Company Limited by Guarantee – having no shareholding (No. 61534) and in December 2003 ACTADE was registered as a non-governmental organisation (S. 5914/4516).


ACTADE is one of the leading NGOs working on issues of trade, climate change action, Policy and development issues. ACTADE has focused on strengthening stakeholders’ capacity to influence trade, citizen participation in national budget processes and related policies at Local, national and regional levels for sustainable development and improved livelihoods in Uganda and the East African region. We also work to influence the promotion and enjoyment of social, political and economic rights by all and advise government on a) priority setting for the national budget and monitor its implementation in selected sectors and districts; b) climate change adaptation measures that support communities to anticipate and build resilience to impacts of climate change; c) ensure that no one is left behind, especially not the women, youths, nor persons with disability.

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